Par la Fenetre
Oil on Canvas
20’’ x 24’’
Gisson, Andre

Impressionist painter, Andre Gisson, was born in New York in 1929 and studied art at the prestigious Pratt Institute.  After graduation, he joined the United States Armed Services and resumed his career in art upon his return to New York.  Gisson continued his studies in Europe, where he came under the influence of the great French impressionists.


Throughout his career, Gisson has developed and refined the style and technique of impressionism, with its small broken brushwork and soft, vibrant colors.  A versatile artist, he is equally adept at painting landscapes, coastal scenes, still lifes, and portraits.  His landscapes depict the French countryside, where he paints every summer, and the region around Lake Mahopac in upstate New York, where he lived for many years.


Gisson has exhibited in leading art galleries throughout the country, from New York to Texas, and from Philadelphia to California.  Newman Galleries has represented his work since 1957, and his paintings are found in many prominent collections in the Philadelphia area.


Several of Gisson’s paintings have been published and distributed internationally.