oil on canvas
25'' x 33''
Simbari, Nicola

Nicola Simbari was born July 13, 1927, in Calabria, Italy.  He studied painting and architecture at the Academy delle Belle Arte, Rome, and became a member of their faculty of architecture.

Comparatively, Simbari achieved early recognition as an artist, receiving his first one-man show in London in 1957 at the age of thirty.  This was followed by exhibitions in the United States, from 1959 until the present, in New York, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, and Philadelphia.  He also participated in group exhibitions, such as the Quadriennale, Rome, 1955; Three Directions, San Francisco-Italy, 1959; and Thirty Young Artists, Spoleto, Italy, 1959.

He has received several awards for excellence, including the gold medal for the best poster of 1954, the Italian State National Concorso, Rome; best stage set, Passerella d'Oro, Rome, 1953; and a coveted commission to paint the murals in the Italian Pavilion, Brussels World Fair, 1958.

Simbari's paintings, with their lyrical subject matter and colorful brushwork, have attained an international reputation.  Simon and Schuster published a monograph of his work in 1975; and in 1962, he did the illustrations for Gennarino, published by Lippincott.

Newman Galleries held a one-man exhibition of his paintings in March of 1961.