The Farmhouse
oil on board
3-3/4'' x 5-3/4''
Bryant, James Moore

James Moore Bryant was born in Philadelphia in 1853.  He was a publisher, art connoisseur and self-taught artist. 

In 1878, he bought a home in Island Heights, New Jersey.  Soon after, he invited notable artists such as Fred Wagner and John Frederick Peto to join him in painting at his coastal retreat. 

His mother's family owned a brewing company and upholstery business, and some of the money from the sale of the former company in 1887 was used to help artists such as Wagner, Shill, and Peto. His financial support for these artists resulted in his amassment of a substantial art collection.

Bryant, an accomplished amateur artist, depicted coastal landscapes with a powerful sense of depth and his use of subtly differing tonalities lent a dramatic aura to his paintings.   He did not, however, exhibit his work during his lifetime. 

Bryant was also a successful engraver; his studio was on Chestnut Street, less than a mile from the studio of John Peto. He was also a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club.

Bryant died in Philadelphia in 1923.