Letter of Vincent van Gogh
oil on canvas
20'' x 28''
Batail, Jean

Jean Batail was born in Lyon, France, in 1930.

His work was exhibited for the first time in 1949 at the Salon d' Automne in Lyon, where he has since enjoyed numerous group exhibitions.  He has also exhibited in Paris at the Salon de l'Art Libre, the National Society of Fine Arts, and other locations in Europe, including, Grenoble, Stockholm, Benares, and Abidjan.  The artist's first show in the United States was at Newman Galleries in Philadelphia in 1960, and his first solo exhibition was held in Paris in 1973.

Among his awards are the Prix E. Brouillard and the Prix se la Jeune Peinture of Nice.

His paintings are represented in many European collections and have been purchased by the state of France and the City of Lyon.

Jean Batail's dramatic style achieves monumental simplicity with dark forms and intense skies.  These images have a touch of romanticism. His other works are figurative or representative of city streets that resemble postcards of long ago.