"The Big Foot"
24 1/2" x 18 1/2"
Gage, Hy

Hy Gage was born in 1878 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first known comic was Breeches Boys, which appeared in the Philadelphia Press newspaper in 1901. During the first decade of the twentieth century, he did at least five other comic strips: Doctor Peach (briefly, in 1908, for the Philadelphia Evening Telegram), Generous George (1906-07), Up in the Air with Hungry Halley (revived as Hungry Halley, 1913-14, syndicated through the Chicago Tribune syndicate), Mr. Grouch (1907-08), Mrs. Rummage (1907-13). In the twenties, he came up with Miss Information (1924-30, syndicated through the Ledger syndicate), and Doc (1925). Two more of his comics appeared in the 1940s: Foxy and Butch (1946).


He artist died in 1971.