San Marco Floral, Venezia
oil on canvas
31-1/2'' x 27-1/2''
Morro, Ingfried Henze

Morrò was born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1925.  He studied in Verona as a post-impressionist German painter at the Fine Arts Academy with Professors E. Greuner, R. Lange, and Karl Miersch.  Later, he attended the Academy of the Fine Arts in Munich and studied with the famous painters Gott and A. Schinnerer.

His impressionist landscapes of Bavaria (the Black Forest region) won wide acclaim and many awards in exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, and later, in the United States.

Over time his paintings evolved from near abstract expressionism to now, after establishing a studio in Paris, a vibrant, atmospheric impressionism that reflects his surroundings.

During his recent exhibitions in France and Italy, he has achieved compliments from the critics for his more colorful interpretations and subjects.