"Parisian Street Scene"
oil on canvas
13" x 18"
Blanchard, Antoine
b. 1910

Antoine Blanchard was born in 1910 in a small French village.  He was the oldest of three sons.  His father was a carpenter.  Noticing that he had talent, his family sent him to the nearby town of Blois to study, later moving to Rennes in Brittany so he could continue his education there.   He received classical training in Rennes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, studying drawing and sculpture.

Three years later in 1932, he moved to study at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he received the prestigious award of the Prix de Rome.  Upon completion of his academics he began to paint the streets of Paris.  His work was similar in style to the work of artists such as Edouard Cortes and Eugene Galien-Laloue.  However, his brushwork was lighter and his palette brighter.

He was called to service in 1939 and for the next few years the war and family affairs made it more difficult for him to paint.  He again began to capture the streets of Paris in 1948, where he continued a lengthy and successful career.

He has been noted for his appreciation of an older, more idyllic Paris, a sentiment evident in his work.  His paintings, so popular in his lifetime, continue to attract with their rich colors and warm elegance.