Livesay, Richard

Richard Livesay was born in 1753. A painter and engraver, Livesay did portraiture, domestic subjects and occasionally miniatures and marine scenes.

He entered the Royal Academy School in 1774 as a draughtsman and began exhibiting his paintings in 1776.

The artist resided at Mrs. Hogarth’s house from 1777 to 1785, and did copies of the engravings by William Hogarth. Later, he became a pupil of, and assistant to Benjamin West.

He moved to Windsor in 1790, and began teaching drawing to some of the children of the royal family. In 1795, he became the Drawing Master at the Royal Naval College in Portsea. It was here that he painted and engraved many marine subjects.

Richard Livesay died in the South Seas in 1823.