Kevorkian, Jean

Born in Paris on May 7th 1933, Jean Kevorkian has painted landscapes and seascapes since his youth.  He currently lives and works in a village called Plouhinec in the region of Brittany.  Largely self-taught, he developed his artistic skills on extended trips to Bretagne, Saint-Malo, and Finistere.  Today, Kevorkian paints scenes of France and the landscape along the banks of the Seine and the Oise.  He works in an Impressionistic manner, interpreting all aspects of nature.

Kevorkian has received many awards for his work and has exhibited in the well-known Paris salons.  He has received prizes from the salon de Bry sur Marne (1978); the Salon Ile de France (1979, 1981); the Salon de Beaux Arts des Gobelins (1982); Salon des Arts (1983); and the Biennale de Peinture et Sculpture (1984).  He has had one-man exhibitions at Saint Malo (1982); at the Kremlin-Bicetre (1982); at Douarnenez in Finistere (1983); and at Chateaudren, Cote du Nord (1983).