Liskow, Boris (Timofeevitsch)

Boris Liskow was born in Kiev in 1924 and has been living in Zagorsk since 1938.  He served in World War II and was seriously wounded twice.  In 1949, he finished his studies at the Art School in Moscow where he studied with such famous artists as Bitschkov, Istomin, Grigorjev, and Bakuscheev.

In 1950, he started exhibiting his work throughout the Soviet Union and received awards.  In 1951, he began to work with the well-known Soviet artists, Volkov, Bubov, and Gaponenko.  Shortly thereafter he joined the Artists Association of USSR.  He is also a member of the Artists Association of Zagorsk and has also served as its president.

Liskow's paintings can be found in private collections in Japan, Italy, the United States, Greece, Germany, and Canada.