Young America
oil on canvas
28'' x 36''
Richardson, Paul

Born at Chelmsford, Essex, in 1943, Paul Richardson displayed very early in life a natural talent for drawing, particularly portraits, which are remembered for their astonishing likenesses for having executed by one so young.

At fourteen years of age, he won a nationwide painting competition with an award presented by David Langley, one of England's leading cartoonists.

In 1959, Paul Richardson was accepted at the Hornsey College of Art, London, and trained as a fashion designer and also furthered his interest in painting under the noted tutors Brigette Riley and Brian Jones. After college, he tried his hand at many jobs, including such work as brick making, steeple jacking, and then went to Cornwall where he began drawing and painting portraits.

In 1964, he married, this time working in the Inshore Fishing Fleet out of Newlyn, and it was here he developed his great love and knowledge of the sea. He began painting and within a year was able to leave the fishing fleet and devote himself completely to his artistic career.

In he ensuing years, Paul Richardson enjoyed great success in landscape painting and now lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two daughters.

Paul Richardson has exhibited his work in Bristol, London, Newcastle and Bournemouth and was also invited to exhibit at the Fitzwilliam Picture Library and his paintings are in many private collections.