St. Pierre, Caen, Normandy
25'' x 18''
Schafer, Henry

Artist Henry Schafer, born in 1854, is a master of many techniques including figure and architectural studies.  He is most famous for his oil and watercolor portrayals of the cathedrals throughout Europe.  Among those Schafer has painted are St. Stephen's in Vienna, Antwerp Cathedral, St. Vincent's in Rouen, and the Duomos of Florence and Milan, Italy.

Schafer made many trips to the continent to sketch in preparation for his paintings, but spent most of his life in London.  He was a member of the Society of British Artists and exhibited in London between 1873 and 1904, showing twenty-nine times at the Royal Academy and fifty-two times at the Society of British Artists.  The artist died in 1915.

Schafer's paintings are owned by several museums in Europe, and his works are found in many private collections around the globe.