Falling Tide
oil on canvas
24'' x 36''
Shelton, Alphonse Joseph

Alphonse Joseph Shelton was born in Liverpool, England, on February 11, 1905.  A few years later, when his parents moved to Boston, he became an American citizen.  He studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, where he received seven scholarships, as well as privately with Lester Stephens. 

Although he had specialized in portraiture, he soon became fascinated with the sea, moving to the coast of Maine to live and paint for more than twenty-five years.  He spent several seasons in Winslow Homer's studio at Prout's Neck. 

In 1962, Shelton returned to Boston as the head of the Fine Arts department at the Butera School of Art.  Two years later, he left the city and moved to Farmington, New Hampshire.

Among his awards are the Boston Logan Award and the 1941 Boston Bronze Medal.  He also received a Medal from the Society for Sanity in Art.  For his painting, "Coming Storm," he achieved the 1964 Silver Medal of the Council of American Artist Societies at their National Exhibition at the Lever House in New York City.

His memberships included the Guild of Boston Artists; Grand Central Galleries, New York; Allied Artists of America, New York; Academic Artists, Springfield, Massachusetts; the Copley Society of Boston; and the North Shore Association, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Shelton exhibited throughout the United States.  He was commissioned by Bowdoin College to paint Rear Admiral Macmillian's artic ship Bowdoin. His work hangs in the Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, Maine; and the Smith College Museum of Art.